What is Byte3?

Byte3 is a novelty item with an ability to store and transfer merit data in digital and/or physical format.

What are the benefits of Byte3?

We strongly encourage you to read the About page. A summary of the benefit is the ability to transfer valuable data in unconventional ways that were impossible until now.

How long can I keep my byte cubes?

You can keep your byte cubes as long as you want. They do not have an expiration date.

What is the selling process?

To sell your byte cubes, visit the Sell Byte Cubes page. This page is fully dedicated to the selling process.

Why should I join the Early Adopter Program?

Only early adopters can purchase byte cubes for entry-level prices. Also, the holders of beta byte cubes are qualified for a reward once the Beta Program is completed.

When does the service go live?

The service launches once all of the beta byte cubes are issued. Visit the beta program website for more information.

When can I start collecting my rewards?

You can start collecting rewards as soon as the service is launched live. Please note that the longer you hold your beta byte cubes, the more rewards generated. The final and maximum reward will be achieved once 100% of the launched Giga Cube is issued.

How do I leave the Beta Program?

If you no longer want to be a participant of the Beta Program, you can return your beta byte cubes while the Beta Program is still active.